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Scholastic Read 180 / Math 180

Read 180 – Math 180 – System 44 – SRI Assessment
Student Login Page for the initial SRI assessment, Read 180, Math 180 and System 44
SAM Service Status:

If you want direct emails from HMH about issues with SAM, you can .

When you setup the student computers, you may want to make the student login the browser home page.
Scholastic SAM; admin access
Interactive Teaching System (ITS Teacher Resources)
Read 180 Demo CD (On-Line)
Look for the Launch the Demo button
A new window will open with two options:
The Read 180 Introduction is a commercial.
The Read 180 Experience: Launch the Demo describes the program.
Click the Read 180 Experience Button to see your choices. Click on the various items to review the program components.